Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spinning a Yarn

Yarn Carrots. Seriously, could this craft be any cuter, easier or cheaper? Maybe you have to buy some yarn for it, but at Wal Mart they are practically giving it away. Think how nice these yarn carrots would look on gifts, attached to a wreath, in a basket on the table, decorating an Easter brunch, or even in a little girls hair (make teeny tiny ones).

I found two sites offering photos and how-to-dos. The first is Homework and the second is Nap Time Crafts. Here's what they came up with:


I like that each one is a little different, depending on what type of yarn you use. You could make a whole bunch of differnet one. No two carrots look the same, right? And seriously, I think one could whip these out during a nap (not yours...your kids! Silly). 

Enjoy this healthy decorating treat. I just hope the Easter bunny doesn't hop away with them!

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