Monday, May 9, 2011

Oui! Oui! The French Macaron

There's just something about Paris. And the little French macaron (not to be confused with the macaroon, 2 completely different things!) in it's adorable colored glory is the perfect accent to any party.  You can have a rainbow of them, a little tiered pile of them, a basket full of them, jars of them (which make great presents!) get the idea? Oui?!

Would you like a somewhat foolproof recipe for them? My Food Geek has one.

How about some photo inspiration to make you swoon? And drool, just a little?

From SprinkleBakes

From Inspiring The Everyday (who called the French macaron, a diva! love it!)

Now, admittedly, making macarons is work. Or waiting. A lot of waiting. And in today's world, we don't always have time to wait wait wait. I love how The Kitchn has made a faux macaron using mini cupcakes! You simply take a store bought cupcake mix, color, bake mini cupcakes, cut in half and fill. They look adorable!


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