Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Parades. Fireworks. Fun. Freedom. All the great things the Fourth of July means.

I've been working on my family Memorial/Fourth of July/Labor Day/Patriotic cards. Soon I hope to have an Etsy store up and running selling things like this, and my luggage tags too. Stay tuned.

I hope you've been visiting us on Facebook (HERE), because we have been posting some really, really awesome things! Like this cake made with sprinkles to look like embroidery.

Or this, jello inside fruit slices.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hand (and Foot) Prints As Art

Little hands. Little feet. Do we always remember just how little they were? These fun hand and foot print art projects will remind you. I like the holiday ones which you can frame and put out each year (and start crying a little when you remember how small they were!). There are many resources on the Internet for ideas, but these are a few I found.

Ballerina from Meet the Dubiens (she has a TON of ideas!)

Tree from Oleana

Flamingo and Ostrich from Sweet And Lovely Crafts

Eric Carle caterpillar from Puppy Dog Tails

Moments of Mommyhood footprint duckling

Isabellaneli has a few footprint and handprint ideas, aside from the penguin

Enjoy doing some fun crafts with your little people today!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pom Love (And no, not the juice)

Poms. Who doesn't love them? They just scream fun party! Or even fun decoration (I have three in my daughters bedroom just because I love looking at them). Poms come in all sizes...big for handing for a ceiling or small for on top of a cupcake. And you can make them from a variety of mediums (old tee shirts to the traditional tissue paper). Read on, and go make some poms of your own!

How to make poms from an old tee shirt, courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous.

How to make traditional tissue paper pom poms from Martha Stewart:

Mini cupcake pom pom toppers from 6 Bittersweets:
Tulle pom pom instructions from My Creative Way:

Creative felt pom flowers from Birthday Girl Blog:

How to make the traditional yarn pom pom which you can do anything with (barrettes, ribbons, hats, shoes, garlands, etc, etc.) from Crochet Spot.

Now, go make pom poms and smile!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dance! Dance!

Ballet. Tap. Two forms of dance that kept us busy from September until May. It culminated with a big dance recital in which my 3 1/2 year old did a ballet routine "Ballerina" and a tap routine "Kokomo". It was a fun, memorable day!

After the big recital, we had family back to the house. While I didn't go super crazy for this party, I did make it fun and special for her. Here are some images:

Looking into my dining room. Pink crepe paper hung from the ceiling. Her pink play feather boa was draped around the chandelier. 2 start (because she's a star afterall!) hung from the archway. Balloons, of course, were part of the decorations.

Part of the flowers that were given to her at the recital (I pulled the pink ones out and put a huge pink bow on for the day...otherwise it was just too large for her), pink candles, a pink honeycomb ballerina and a photo from last year's dance recital.

Her Pottery Barn Kids doll, in pink ballet outfit sat upon a clear cake stand that had a pink tutu on top of it (it's a pink dress up tutu with elastic that fit around the edge of the cake stand perfectly!!) and a picture from this years recital.

A beautiful and delicious cake to savor the moment! (You can see the tutu skirt clearly)

Thanks for stopping in!

Taste A Rainbow

Rainbows. When you think of them, you think of gorgeous colors, smiles after the rain and happiness.

Why not bring a smile to the face of someone eating a cupcake today (not that cupcakes on their own don't bring a smile!). It's a fun surprise when you bite in to see all those pretty colors.

They are also perfect if you are hosting an art party, rainbow party, 60s party (they look kind of tie dye on the outside) or anything else you can think of. I made mine as a way to make the last day of preschool for my daughter a little brighter (she's leaving her classmates behind to go to summer camp in our lake community and she's sad).

There are many how-to instructions on the web. The number of colors and the hue of the colors are up to you. Here's one I used (Family Fun is a great magazine and fantastic website...always doing projects from them):

And now the best part, a photo of the yummy cupcakes as I made them!