Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dance! Dance!

Ballet. Tap. Two forms of dance that kept us busy from September until May. It culminated with a big dance recital in which my 3 1/2 year old did a ballet routine "Ballerina" and a tap routine "Kokomo". It was a fun, memorable day!

After the big recital, we had family back to the house. While I didn't go super crazy for this party, I did make it fun and special for her. Here are some images:

Looking into my dining room. Pink crepe paper hung from the ceiling. Her pink play feather boa was draped around the chandelier. 2 start (because she's a star afterall!) hung from the archway. Balloons, of course, were part of the decorations.

Part of the flowers that were given to her at the recital (I pulled the pink ones out and put a huge pink bow on for the day...otherwise it was just too large for her), pink candles, a pink honeycomb ballerina and a photo from last year's dance recital.

Her Pottery Barn Kids doll, in pink ballet outfit sat upon a clear cake stand that had a pink tutu on top of it (it's a pink dress up tutu with elastic that fit around the edge of the cake stand perfectly!!) and a picture from this years recital.

A beautiful and delicious cake to savor the moment! (You can see the tutu skirt clearly)

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